ABOUT B.M.M (Bachelor of Mass Media)

BMM is one of the most desirable courses among young aspirants today. The course helps the students in understanding the different aspects of communication, media and print. The course imparts the knowledge of conveying proper ideas to masses with precise content and creative style. It prepares the students for different sectors like television, print, and radio tec. It overall develops the students with writing skills, presentation skills along with that provide the knowledge of media of current era. It provides hands-on- experiences to the students on the principles of design and techniques for innovation of different types of media and this practical exposure would empower them to build their ideas in a short time frame. Thus students become better equipped for entering into media field and directing their efforts towards constructive contribution in shaping the media world in future.

Inception: BMM department of Sanpada college of Commerce and Technology was started in the year 2011.

Syllabus of B.M.M
  F.Y. B.M.M
Sr.No Semester I Semester II
1 Effective Communication Skills- I Effective Communication Skills- II
2 Fundamentals of mass Communication Political Concepts & Indian Political system
3 Introduction to Computers Principals of Marketing & Management
4 Introduction to 20Th Century World History Introduction to Psychology
5 Introduction to Sociology Translation Skills
6 Economics Introduction to English Literature
  SY B.M.M
Sr.No Semester III Semester IV
1 Introduction to Cultural Studies Mass Media Research
2 Understanding Cinema Organisational Behaviuor
3 Advanced Computers Radio and Television
4 Creative Writing Print Production & Photography
5 Introduction to Media Studies Introduction to advertising
6 Introduction to Public Relation Introduction to Journalism
  T.Y. B.M.M
Sr. No Semester V Semester VI
1 Advertising in Contemporary society Advertising & Marketing Research
2 Copy Writing Legal Environment & Advertising Ethics
3 Advertising Design Financial Management for Marketing & Advertising
4 Consumer Behaviour Agency Management
5 Media Planning & Buying Principals and Practice of Direct Marketing
6 Brand Building Contemporary Issues


Opportunities in B.M.M

After completion of B.M.M the students have scopes to join in various agencies as:

  1. Media planners
  2. Ad designers( Print, electronic and multimedia)
  3. Brand manager
  4. Sales and marketing executives
  5. Public Relation Officer
  6. Content developer(Print, electronic and multimedia)
  7. Photographer
  8. Film maker