Alumni Committee

“An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.”

At Sanpada College of commerce and Technology (SCCT), our constant endeavor is to build excellence and achievement amongst our Alumni. We provide the platform for alumni, faculty and current students of the institute to connect and share knowledge that would be useful in their professional lives.

• Strengthen the bond between Alumni and Institute.
• Promote the alumni association and develop a relationship with current students in order to encourage their involvement as alumni.
• Educate alumni about the value and opportunities for philanthropic support.

Prof. Vidula Kulkarni

In order to strengthen the bond and further our relation with the alumni of institute, we have decided to form alumni committee. The committee conducts the meet to promote Industry-Institute Interaction, Placement activity and contribution of the Alumnus in brand building of SCCT, institute development etc. Alumni can create a positive impact by acting as Support System, Offering Expertise, Assistance in Employability, Mentorship and Scholarships etc.

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Prof. Vidula Kulkarni
Alumni Committee Chairperson

What is Alumni Association?

An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students. These associations often organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organization. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. Additionally, such groups often support alumni, and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background.

Mission Statement

To bring all old Students, who studied at Sanpada College of commerce and technology, under one forum for exchange of Knowledge, Skill and Experience amongst themselves and to disseminate them to the students of the College.

Goals & Objectives

To develop an alumni association we:

>  Provide opportunities for alumni to network and interact with the college, students, and communities served.
>  Engage a broader base of alumni by promoting services and support.
>  Promote the alumni association and develop a relationship with current students in order to encourage their involvement as alumni.
>  Educate alumni about the value and opportunities for philanthropic support.

Benefits After College

More Networking
“One of the main benefits is career contacts in all different states,” Weeks says. Alumni associations can usually supply a list of alumni (often free) according to location, graduation year or profession. The alumni connection can often provide the “in” you need for job and career assistance.

Keeping in Touch
Alumni associations are great for helping alumni stay tuned in to the happenings back at college and with other alumni.



Name of the Society


Office Address

Hon. Wasim Khan (M.D.)
Oriental education society’
Plot no 3,4,5 sector 2, near
Sanpada Railway station,
Sanpada (w) Navi Mumbai 400705

Object of Society
  1. To encourage educational, social and economical welfare of general public in every manner by all lawful means.
  2. To give educational help to the poor and deserving students.
  3. To build, establish, construct, manager, administer, support and assist, primary, pre-primary, secondary, higher, secondary, schools, colleges, management, technical and vocational institutes, Research institutes and orphan children.
  4. To conduct and organize lecturers, seminars, workshops and meetings by inviting well known educationalist, industrialist and experts.
  5. To advance, preserve and promote the spiritual, social culture and moral principles and their values.
  6. To conduct sports for various District Zonal, state & National Level Tournaments, camps, seminars, Workshop and gathering etc.
  7. To encourage young professionals, entrepreneurs by providing financial assistance in from of financial aid, seed capital, venture capital etc. to encourage entrepreneurship and contributing towards nation by creating employment opportunities.
  8. To run an organize social & sports activities and programs, Cultural function and programs for the benefit of poor and needy.
  9. To provide relief to the people who affected by natural calamities.
  10. To promote literature and for that purpose or otherwise to public books, to publish daily Newspapers. Magazine, Newsletters as also establish libraries, reading room to set up, establish and maintain vocational training centers.
  11. To do such things which are incidental conducive to attainment of above objects.
  12. To save, to watch over, to protect, to advance, promote and enlarge the members’ business interest from the competition from, and the activities of foreign interest and foreign company.
  13. To arrange, organize, conduct, manage, co- ordinate, sponsor, promote, participate in, seminar, lecture meetings, discussions, workshop, displays, exhibitions, symposiums to foster the business interest of the members and to arrange trips, excursions, picnics, holidays, outings, programmers to encourage and foster fellowship and friendship among the members.
  14. To provide facilities for the education of students and to establish Nurseries, primary school, high school, Colleges, Medical, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic Hospitals and Colleges. To establish construct, manage, administrator, support, and assist technical colleges, hostels, high schools, for poor and needy students, dormitories for windows, and all other such educations facilities.
  15. To give educational help to the poor and deserving students also to provide education aid to orphans, blind, physically handicapped students for their education and to provide them such facilities for educational purpose like uniforms, books scholarships etc. and also to give to the serving students for acquiring higher qualification. To help the poor by providing free legal aid and assistance to them. To give Educational help to the poor and deserving students.
  16. To promote the educational, social and economic welfare of general public in every manner and by all lawful means.


Participation of Alumni at Various Events

> Invited all the members for annual fest Orien-2015, all members enjoyed sports as well as cultural events.

> An alumni members meeting is arranged in the Month of December 2015, on the occasion of Cultural events like Fun Fair.

> The objective of the association was also discussed in the meet.

> The group of alumni is also formed using social application for the fast connectivity with each other to provide prompt services amongst them.

> The institute has provided unique code to the entire alumni.

> Till date total 78 students have enrolled for alumni association.



Sr.No. Unique Code Name Of Students Stream/Branch Batch/Passed
Out Year
E-Mail Adress
      1 SCCT/2011/IT/01 Patel Vikas
BSC IT 2011 9769696232
      2 SCCT/2012/B.COM/02 Kadari Nausheen
BCOM 2012 9167036641
      3 SCCT/2012/IT/03 Khan Bilal Hakik BSC IT 2012 9987861124
      4 SCCT/2012/IT/04 Mahi Abdul  BSC IT 2012 9738048412
      5 SCCT/2012/IT/05 Khan
BSC IT 2012 9920740889
      6 SCCT/2012/IT/06 Mohammed  Asif  BSC IT 2012 9987890086/9833997910
      7 SCCT/2012/IT/07 Singh Sujit BSC IT 2012 7738018323
      8 SCCT/2012/B.COM/08 Sharma Gaurav
BCOM 2011 9594552429
      9 SCCT/2012/IT/09 Shoaib Khan  BSC IT 2012 8431590311
      10 SCCT/2013/BBI/10 Turmekar
BBI 2013 9987935392/9022633675
      11 SCCT/2013/BBI/11 Singh Manisha
BBI 2013 9769307277/9664183086
      12 SCCT/2013/BBI/12 Surate Jyoti
BBI 2013 022-69955019/
      13 SCCT/2013/BBI/13 Agarval
BBI 2013 7666313456
      14 SCCT/2013/BBI/14 Kaushwa
BBI 2013 9819762141  
      15 SCCT/2013/BBI/15 Chavan Pooja
BBI 2013 9664236646
      16 SCCT/2013/BBI/16 Naik Purvashree BBI 2013 9664538163/9930344379
      17 SCCT/2013/BBI/17 Patidar
BBI 2013 8286629812
      18 SCCT/2013/BBI/18 Sudhir Suresh
BBI 2013 9820259828/9664087051
      19 SCCT/2013/BBI/19 Ansari Umati
BBI 2013 9821088451
      20 SCCT/2013/BBI/20 Ballal Akshata
BBI 2013 9869071829
      21 SCCT/2013/BBI/21 Solankar Reshma
BBI 2013 022-27702995/8898980006
      22 SCCT/2013/BBI/22 Rajbhar Amit
BBI 2013 9773789783
      23 SCCT/2013/BBI/23 Ghosalkar Kavita
BBI 2013 9699637713/8898871744
      24 SCCT/2013/BAF/24 Gomes Turnfell
BAF 2013 27729503/9773981958
      25 SCCT/2012/IT/25 Chavan Sheetal
BSC IT 2012 9870864649
      26 SCCT/2013/IT/26 Ansari
BSC IT 2013 9768650657
      27 SCCT/2012/BMS/27 Khan Naushad  BMS 2012 9167576611/9773953510
      28 SCCT/2013/BAF/28 Pawar Ajinkya
BAF 2013 9821725489/9821157634
      29 SCCT/2013/IT/29 Pootpack Chand
BSC IT 2013 9870238395/9323021165
      30 SCCT/2013/IT/30 Shedge Aniket
BSC IT 2013 9664286838
      31 SCCT/2013/IT/31 Nadar Starving
BSC IT 2013 9768249788
      32 SCCT/2013/BBI/32 Sonavane Ankur
BBI 2013 9987935398  
      33 SCCT/2013/B.COM/33 Dongare Sandesh
B.COM 2013 9664278717/9920716143  
      34 SCCT/2012/IT/34 Rahemani Ahmed
BSC IT 2012 9930880550
      35 SCCT/2012/IT/35 Shaikh Soahail
BSC IT 2013 8082020375
      36 SCCT/2012/IT/36 Shaikh Shaiyza
BSC IT 2013 9987004758
      37 SCCT/2012/IT/37 Shaikh Soahil
BSC IT 2013 9702274340