President's Message

Javed-KhanProf. Javed Khan (College President)

Education has to reach out not only beyond the important objective of imparting knowledge but also has to gear up to meet the imperative of growth, technological development and demands of globalisation , new challenges and international competitiveness. Education is no longer to be considered something which one gets during the early stages of one’s life. It continues to remain one of the best investments anyone can make in today’s economy, and there is no better time to pursue a degree in any of the available streams.

Our mission has always been to educate the leaders of tomorrow in a wide range of fields including Commerce, Science, Business, Technology and we are deeply committed to an education that can best be described as “applied excellence”. We have an accessible faculty dedicated and committed to teaching, and an educational model that encourages real world experience.

It is our endeavour to provide quality education in the various streams, to the aspiring young students and thereby help them succeed in their aspiration towards personal and professional success. The college is thus committed to provide every student a fine learning opportunity with best education and excellent infrastructure so as to enable them to achieve the very best in their life. We inculcate in our students the best creative technical skills, with innovative thoughts, to attain indispensible human qualities. It is this vision that has projected us to forefront.

We are proud of our students and their deep commitment towards completing their education and improving the world in which we live. I hope you too want to be a part of our community and I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.