Treasurer's Message

Dr. Azeem Javed Khan


Our purpose and objective as being the management remains to provide the best infrastructural facilities and faculty to the student of Sanpada College of Commerce and Technology. I believe to implant a sense of confidence in the students and nurture them with every possible thing so that they can give their best after entering into the professional world . It is my firm belief that our student will come across with flying colors in whatever endeavor they choose to. The motive of our educational institutions is to develop a worldwide perspective to cope-up with the fast changing technological scenario. In addition to this, values with discipline are the hallmark of our college. Besides, we ensure a quality education for the students; here the importance is not only on academic excellence but the development of the overall total personality of a student. To achieve this goal, add on courses, training in personality development, and other soft skills are also provided in our College.

With the advent of Information Technology and Communication Technique, we have arrived in a new world of global village to offer a professional education. We will have to innovate our youths’ brain in the true sense. Through the technological education in our college, the students can search for the best opportunities in the world. Today’s Youth are the prime focus of all my effort in work. I sincerely believe that real education lies way beyond books. Having devoted over decades to the eld of education, working and gaining rich experience, Management of Oriental Education Society College is bound to do great lengths to shape the career of the students and make them as a shining star in the world. It will be our best Social Service to our country. I am happy to witness the continuous growth of our institution in imparting quality technical education to the students at this part of our country. I wish all our students a grand success in all their endeavors.