Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)

BMS full form is Bachelor of Management Studies. BMS course is a 3 year undergraduate course designed to study analytical aspects of Business Management and get in-depth knowledge in several managerial or business-related subjects such as human resource management, economics, marketing, business analytics etc.

Bachelor of Management Studies is somewhat similar to the BBA course. However, in Bachelor of Management Studies, more emphasis is laid on analytical studies. It covers topics such as Managerial Economics, business accounting, macroeconomics, Business research, financial management, techniques of management, etc.

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) helps in learning business and management techniques and candidates who complete Bachelor of Management Studies can expect lucrative jobs in corporate fields, managerial roles, startups, etc. After completing the course the candidate can run their own business as the course is designed to instill Entrepreneurship skills among the students. Bachelor of Management Studies is a good opportunity for leaders to become managers or great entrepreneurs in the future.


Why Study Bachelor of Management Studies?

Business management includes studying the planning, organizing, directing, staffing, controlling, and other strategic aspects of management.

  • Studying Bachelor of Management Studies course helps in developing managerial skills such as communication, organizing, leadership, reporting, and teamwork prior to real working scenarios
  • Bachelor of Management Studies also helps in getting some insight into the business world and help budding entrepreneurs to boost their career and can act as a gateway for someone who wants to start their own business early after their college
  • Bachelor of Management Studies can help in building business connections and students are offered numerous kinds of managerial level jobs once they graduate the course.


Who Should Study Bachelor of Management Studies?
  • Anyone interested in the business or management field can pursue this Bachelor of Management Studies.
  • Students with good communication skills, teamwork spirit, leadership, or other requisites suitable for being a manager can opt for Bachelor of Management Studies course after high school.
  • People wishing to pursue MBA or similar courses after their undergraudation can also pursue this course.
  • Candidates aspiring to start their own business can also choose Bachelor of Management Studies.


Specialization offered in BMS –
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource


F.Y. B.M.S.
SR NO First Semester Second Semester
1 Introduction to Financial Accounts Principles of Marketing
2 Business Law Industrial Law
3 Business Statistics Business Mathematics
4 Business Communication Business Communication – II
5 Foundation Course – I Foundation Course – II
6 Foundation of Human Skills Business Environment
7 Business Economics – I Principles of Management
S.Y. B.M.S.
SR NO Third Semester Fourth Semester
Compulsory Paper
1 Environmental Management Business Economics – II
2 Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Management Business Research Methods
3 Accounting for Managerial Decisions Ethics & Governance
4 Strategic Management Production & Total Quality Management
5 IT in Business Management – I IT in Business Management – II
Electives (any one of the specialisation)
Finance Group – Electives
6 -FIN Basics of Financial Services Financial Institutions & Markets
7 – FIN Introduction to Cost Accounting Auditing
Marketing Group – Electives
6 – MKT Consumer Behaviour Integrated Marketing Communication
7 – MKT Product Innovations Management Rural Marketing
Human Resource Group – Electives
6-HR Recruitment & Selection Human Resource Planning & Information System
7-HR Motivation and Leadership Training & Development in HRM
T.Y. B.M.S.
SR NO Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Compulsory Courses
1 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operational Research
2 Corporate Communication and Public Relations Project Work
Finance Group – Electives
3 – FIN Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management International Finance
4- FIN Wealth Management Project Management
5-FIN Commodity & Derivatives Market Innovative Financial Services
6-FIN Direct Taxes Indirect Taxes
Marketing Group – Electives
3 – MKT Service Marketing Brand Management
4-MKT E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Retail Management
5-MKT Sales and Distribution Management International Marketing
6-MKT Customer Relationship Management Media Planning and Management
Human Resource Group – Electives
3-HR Finance for HR Professionals and Compensation Management HRM in Global Perspective
4-HR Strategic Human Resource Management and HR Policies Organizational Development
5-HR Performance Management and Career Planning HRM in Service Sector Management
6-HR Stress Management Indian Ethos in Management