Department of Computer Science (B. SC. COMPUTER SCIENCE)

Computer Science (CS) is becoming pervasive in all of society. This important development creates new challenges and opportunities for CS education. The goal of CS department is to teach basic principles and practical issues, at the same time prepare students to use computers effectively for applications in Compute science, Physics, Engineering and other disciplines.


CS department in Oriental Education Society’s (OES) Sanpada College of Commerce and Technology (SCCT) will primarily cater to students aspiring to a career in the field of advanced computing which is widely used in today’s corporate world.

The Department of Computer Science was formed as a separate department on 28th June 2013.
The department currently has Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and 3 full-time faculty members and 47 undergraduate students.

The department maintains close tie with Department of Information Technology (IT); faculty in IT department collaborate closely in several interdisciplinary subjects.


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) which is affiliated to Mumbai University. The courses under the curriculum for the first semester are:


Computer Science
>  Computer Organization – 1
>  Algorithms and Programming in C – 1

>  Mathematics – 1
>  Mathematics – 2

>  Physics – 1
>  Physics – 2
>  Foundation Course

3 years of full time course with semester scheme

The Department of CS contains Staffroom, Computer laboratories, Physics laboratory, and Library and State-of-the-art classrooms.

7.30am to 12.40 pm Monday to Saturday

  1. The candidate is free to do Post Graduation in I.T.
  2. Good opportunity in computer field.
  3. Can start self business in computer.
  4. Can go for the research in I.T.

B.Sc Computer Science Syllabus  
F.Y.B.Sc F.Y.B.Sc
1st Semester  2nd  Semester 
Computer Organization & Architecture Microprocessor(CS-I) Computer Organization & Architecture Microprocessor(CS-I)
Algorithm and C Programming(CS-II) Algorithm and C Programming(CS-II)
Physics-I Physics-I
Physics-II Physics-II
Maths-I Maths-I
Maths-II Maths-II
Foundation Courses Foundation Courses
S.Y.B.Sc S.Y.B.Sc
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Discrete Mathematics(CS-I) Computer Graphics(CS-I)
C++(CS-II) Java(CS-II)
DBMS(CS-III) Software Engineering(CS-III)
Maths-I(Calculus & Analysis) Maths-I(Calculus & Analysis)
Maths-II(Linear Algebra) Maths-II(Linear Algebra)
Maths-III(Computation Mathematics) Maths-III(Computation Mathematics)
Foundation Course Foundation Course
T.Y.B.Sc T.Y.B.Sc
5th Semester 6th Semester
Data Communication & Networking-I Data Communication & Networking-II
Advance Java-I Advance Java-II
Operating System Linux
DBMS-II Software Engineering
Applied Component-I Applied Component-II